Why Hacking is as Significant as Schooling

There’s no denying that schooling is an important part of your journey to be the best horse and rider combo you can be. However, it gets boring for you and your horse. It’s important to have some variety and hacking is the perfect way to shake things up while still working on discipline at the […]

Reasons to Ride Bareback

When it comes to riding, we already know the drill: find your horse, tack-up and off you go. But what if you forget the saddle? Riding bareback is something that comes naturally when you are a child, yet as an adult, hardly any of us ride – let alone train – without it. This is […]

What You Can Expect Riding A Horse For The First Time

Riding a horse can be a very intimate and enjoyable experience, but not all people continue riding after their initial lessons. You can explore more options for Oahu area here: http://horsebackridingoahu.com/ To enjoy horse riding, it is essential that you are aware of all the elements involved when riding a horse. This extends beyond sitting […]


Dear Mrs Petersen As you will be aware, NHTEC has been an active, ethical horse training BHS Riding club since 2008. In 2012 NHTEC became the first PRO-CHOICE Riding club in the UK and in 2013 the club submitted a formal application requesting a rule change to allow bitless bridles and optional nosebands in bitted […]